Who We Are

Yeah Design Works is a small company that feels big and works with big players. More than
80% of our clients are Fortune 500 companies, and we do work for some of America’s most famous and best-loved brands.


Together, our team has 45 years of design experience, specializing in packaging and
branding. Our expertise is creating distinctive, memorable design in a variety of
communications media that bring brands to life. You always work directly with the design
team, there are no layers of intermediaries. And we know that collaboration always ensures
the best results.


Our specialty is creating integrated visual identities for brand families of products. Some of
our greatest success stories are with new product launches and extending brands into new markets. Our clients often give our work credit for helping them far exceed original
sales projections.


We make brand managers the hero. Every design element in our work has a specific
purpose to help increase the product’s success. So we give you presentation tools for your internal meetings, to help your team understand the strategy beneath the design.
We know that when the product is successful, so are you.

Our Name

When Steve’s daughter Parker was 18 months old, whenever he asked her if she liked something, she would say, “Yeeeeeeeah!”


That’s how happy and enthusiastic we want our clients to be about our work – so we named ourselves Yeah Design Works!




Our Core Team

Steve Zweiback – Creative Director

Don Guss – Design Director

Colleen Lange – Designer


And a cadre of other talented specialists we rely on.

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